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Dr Adrienne Huber


Adrienne Huber

Dr Adrienne Huber.

Specialising in Democratic Education

Member of Australasian and International Democratic Education Communities

How does your child's school measure up in the democracy realm? Is your child living democracy or learning about it for another day?

Have you been imagining a school like Summerhill where children have freedom to be themselves ...

Where success is not defined by academic achievement but by the child's own definition of success...

Where the whole school deals democratically with issues, with each individual having an equal right to be heard...

And there is time and space to sit and dream...?

Experience amazing possibilties and realities for everyone, in amazing places and astonishing ways...

See what Derry Hannam has been doing about active citizenship (aka democracy) in schools in the UK. Look for CSV/CfBT ACtive Citizenship Report.

Check out other democratic/free schools


If you are interested in starting a school where children are truly trusted, respected and nurtured, and would like someone to talk to... I would love to hear from you. Please email me.
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